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Deeper Dives and Dangerous Spaces

Counter-Intuitive Answers to Working with the Judge both within and without

"If I let you into my life, will you promise not to judge? If I let you into my life, will you not look at me with those forgiving eyes? Please just listen. Do not have sympathy for me, for your sympathy I do not need. Just know the words on this page [is] my life. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s my life."

As you ask yourself this question in your dual role of workshop facilitator and Imaginary Stranger/Reader, we invite you to sit back and watch this video and let your mind wander back into the time of Herstory’s beginnings from which it continues echo” 


Do you see how the story openers themselves are fast forwarding a new stranger into a place beyond judgment into wanting to be invited in?  They are fast forwarding us into a place of wanting more, which is where our chapter on sustaining our stories towards new places of healing, understanding, and restoration must begin.


Is that command, to promise not to judge realistic?  Or is it coming from a deeper place, for which there might be other solutions, if we truly let the Stranger/ Reader into even our darkest moments?

 Stay tuned for a special video response from Judge Fernando Camacho about what actual judges are seeking to find in a story when they are making the decisions that will affect people's lives.  

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